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When the COVID-19 pandemic shocked the world in early 2020 and supply chains across the globe were disrupted, SaniteX leveraged its Australian and international networks to respond quickly and become one of Australia's most trusted PPE suppliers. From supplying councils to businesses, schools to not-for-profits, there was no segment of Australia that SaniteX did not support.


We continue to supply major city and regional clients across Australia including City of Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, Geelong, and countless others across all Australian states and territories.

After successfully supporting Australia, SaniteX has expanded to provide the same support, and high quality Australian products, internationally through our American and European operations. 

SaniteX made it a core commitment to create three additional distinct arms within our global network to ensure our ongoing contribution to society via research & development, transparency, and innovation. SaniteX GreenSaniteX SCT and SaniteX I.Q. are the arms of our company which foster projects which achieve these core objectives.  More details on these are below.

Ethical Clothing Australia

Our supply chain is subject to annual audit through Ethical Clothing Australia for all textile products, including our reusable 3-ply masks.   


Australian Made & Owned 

SaniteX is a licensee of the Australian Made Campaign Ltd. We proudly certify our products and display the Australian Made Logo on our products.


Sustainable Development 

 Our ethos is to develop and grow by using renewable resources to ensure that we safeguard the future for all.

It's our obligation to our customers to continuously bring new products which will improve their way of life.  This can’t be done without an appropriate commitment to invest in sound scientific research. 


SaniteX Green includes greenfield ideas and partners with some of the "worlds" leading scientific research and development organisations in both the government and private sector.  Through these alliances, our consumers know that the products we bring to market are not only cutting edge but are also safe and backed up with the highest integrity research.

We have on-going projects which are in need of trusted and qualified partners.  If you represent a government, educational or private scientific research organisation and are looking to partner on innovative global technologies, please contact us for details.

Supply chain transparency across the globe is in disarray and the high standards that used to be taken for granted have been thrown by the wayside. SaniteX SCT consists of a global team of technical experts who understand the importance of global and local regulations when it comes to large scale procurement, especially in sensitive areas like health products. Our experts provide procurement individuals and bodies with a Transparency Report for each procurement we are engaged to support.  The added comfort of knowing the products procured are compliant with the standards in place for each respective product category is something more critical now then ever.   From understanding all the entities involved in each transaction to obtaining all of the required documentation to validate the authenticity of the goods being procured, our team leaves no stone unturned.


If your business needs assistance sourcing products or simply wants the added comfort of knowing your large-scale procurements are being sourced compliantly, then SaniteX SCT is ready to partner with you.

We understand that without innovation not only will our company and its stakeholders stagnate but society as a whole suffers.  The world is full of brilliant minds and infinite opportunities to improve the way it functions.


SaniteX I.Q. is our innovation arm where as a company, we invest our financial and intellectual capital toward solving societies problems. Our approach is dynamic by design and includes direct investment or partnerships with strategic stakeholders.  Whether it be software solutions or new methods of manufacturing, SaniteX I.Q. is where concepts become reality.


If you have software engineering skills and wish to collaborate on one of our active or pipeline projects, contact us below to discuss.    


 Organisations Who Trust and Support Us...

SaniteX was able to provide the Geelong Football Club including its staff, players, members and community with high quality face masks at short notice. With WHO certification, we had ease of mind that the people that matter so much to the club were being kept safe. Despite the logistical issues with postage during the 2020 winter, the masks arrived quickly whilst also proudly showing the club’s branding. SaniteX’s support during this time was critical for the club.

Braith Cox

Chief Commercial Officer

Geelong Football Club

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