Frequently asked questions

Sanitiser Dispenser

What is the height of the stand?

0.9m - 1.75m

What is the weight of the dispenser and stand?

9 Kg

How much had sanitiser does the dispenser hold?

The dispenser holds 800ml.

How is the dispenser refilled?

The dispenser is refilled manually. Instructions on how to refill are included with your purchase. Removing the reservoir from the unit before filling is recommended.

How much hand sanitiser is dispensed each use?

0.8m (Dispenser needs to be refilled after 1,000 uses). That's 6,250 shots per 5 Litre Hand Sanitiser Bottle

What type batteries does the dispenser require?

The dispenser requires AA batteries. One set of batteries is included in your purchase.

Does it come with a lock?

Yes, the Dispenser comes with a lock and key.

What is the size of the base plate?

330mm X 370mm

How many shots does the dispenser dispense before it needs to be refilled?

1,000 Shots

How long does the battery last?

30,000 Shots

Are batteries included with the package?


Is the hand sanitiser gel or liquid?

Our Sanitex hand sanitiser is gel.

Can other brands of hand sanitiser be used in the dispenser?

Yes, you can use any type of gel or liquid sanitiser within the dispenser.

Is the safety data sheet available for the sanitiser?

Yes, we can provide you the safety data sheet upon request.

Can the dispenser be attached to the wall?

Yes, you can remove the dispenser and attach it to the wall if you’d like.

Does the stand have a drip tray?

Yes, each stand has a drip tray.

How much does sanitiser refills cost?

With your order you receive a 10% discount code for on-going refills. You are not obligated to buy your refills from us, but by offering this 10% discount, you are always guaranteed to be able to purchase below the retail price offered to customers who have not purchased a dispenser package from us.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, we offer a one-year warranty. Maintenance must be completed on the dispensing units. We will not replace dispensers that have not been maintained properly.

What is the stand made out of?

It is made our of Aluminium so that it is strong but also portable.

Can the sign board be removed?

Yes the sign board can easily be attached and detached as needed.

My dispenser is trying to dispense, but no sanitiser is being dispensed. How can I fix this?

Is the tube attached to the reservoir clear of blockages? (Blockages can happen when the units are not used regularly) -Disconnect the tube from the reservoir. While holding and pinching the end where the tube locates in the reservoir with one hand, use your other to squeeze and work your way down to the nozzle (Essentially milking it). This will create pressure behind the blockage and force it out of the nozzle end. This may take a few tries. This tends to work the best. -You can clear the tube at the end by using a paperclip or something similar. -The tube also has a round clip which holds in a small plastic ball at the top of the tube (The end which attaches to the reservoir). This clip may dislodge if sanitiser has dried up in the tube. The clip and ball can be manipulated back in, ball to the top and clip underneath.

Other Products

What is the maturity date of the hand sanitser gel?

Our current batch is March 2022

What does a "refill" bottle mean?

Refill bottles have a screw cap lid, rather than a pump. Unfortunately, due to an increase in demand, these are the only bottle tops we currently have in stock.

What alcohol percentage is the sanitiser?

Our sanitiser products are all 75% (above the 60% WHO recommended requirement)

What is the difference between Gels and Towelettes?

‘Gels’ are a liquid form of hand sanitiser. These are packaged for individual, one time use and are a good product for easy distribution . Towelettes’ or ‘ wipes’ are individual alcoholic wet wipes.

Do you have a s Safety Data Sheet (SDS) that you can share?

Yes, we can share this at your request.

What’s the expiry date of the hand sanitiser products?

All our products have an expiry date of March, 2022

What are the washing and care instructions for the reusable masks?

Masks should only be used by one person and should not be shared. All masks should be changed if soiled or wet; a soiled or wet mask should not be worn for an extended period of time. Reusable masks should be washed frequently and handled carefully, so as not to contaminate other items. As a general rule of thumb, face masks should be washed after each use if worn for extended periods of time, or each day if used intermittently throughout the day. If you knowingly sneeze or cough in your mask, we recommend you wash it as soon as possible and thoroughly wash your hands before and after washing. Our masks are made of non-woven polypropylene (PP) spunbond, which may be washed at high temperature, up to 140°C. Where hot water is not available, wash mask with soap/detergent at room temperature water, followed by either i) boiling mask for one minute OR ii) soak mask in 0.1% chlorine for one minute then thoroughly rinse mask with room temperature water, to avoid any toxic residual of chlorine. Mask may be dried in a high-temperature dryer up to 140°C. DO NOT MICROWAVE MASKS


Where do you ship?

We ship our products Australia wide. We also ship to select international locations . If you are a potential international customer, please reach out to us to confirm that we ship to your location.

How much does shipping cost?

All our Bulk Orders include Free Shipping

Can we get express shipping?

Express shipping is available within Victoria only. Unfortunately, due to the flammable nature of the products, we are unable to air freight the products interstate for express shipping. As a result, all shipping needs to occur via road transportation.

When can you ship your products to us?

We ship all products the following business day, following confirmation of your order is confirmed. Check products availability with your sales representative to ensure you are aware of our current inventory and upcoming shipping dates. We are currently facilitating weekly shipments.

Do recent COVID-19 border closures impact delivery?

No, our drivers are approved to carry essential materials over road transport only.

Order + Payment

What are your payment terms?

Our Accounts Team will work with you (or your procurement team) to comply with the company’s existing payment terms and policies. With the current environment of our supply chain, liquidity is under constraints. We’re focused on meeting our clients needs and as such, we typically operate on COD (cash on delivery). However, we can be flexible and these can be escalated to our Accounts Team.

How do we pay?

We accept both credit cards or transfers via ETF. For larger orders that require a Purchase Order (i.e. often necessary for government agencies and large corporate clients), our Accounts Team will work with your procurement team to address their necessary requirement. Payment can be by electronic transfer on receipt of your order.

Company Related

How long has your company been around?

Our Australian company was established in 2008.

Where are you located?

We are a Melbourne based company, with facilities in multiple suburbs .

Are you “certified” as Australian owned?

Yes, we are proudly certified as Australian Made and Owned . We achieved certification from the “Australia Made Campaign” in 2019, although have always been Australian made and owned.

What type of clients do you have?

All types of industries – Wholesale, Government, Nursing Homes, Aged Care Facilities, Corporations etc.

Is there a number we can reach you on?

Yes, please call our Head of Sales - Michael on ( +61 410-864-539)


Motor not making a clicking sound when you put your hand under the sensor.

Try cleaning the sensor, located underneath to the left of the dispensing tube.

Motor is not working or dispensing sanitiser and there are no sounds.

Check to see if your batteries need replacing and make sure they are put in the correct way. Also make sure the battery case is clipped on correctly to the unit.

Sanitiser is not dispensing but motor sounds like it is working correctly.

First, check to see if the tube attached to the reservoir clear of blockages. If the dispenser sits idle for a time the sanitiser will dry up, blocking the tube. You can clear the tube at the end by using a paperclip or something similar. Submerging the rubber tube in warm water while squeezing it may help loosen any dry sanitiser within the tube.

The rubber bladder also has a round clip which holds in a small plastic ball at the top of the tube (The end which attaches to the reservoir). The clip and ball can be manipulated back in place. The ball must sit in between the clip and the top of the tube.

Handy Tip

If you notice your dispenser is starting to dispense less sanitiser than usual, we recommend cleaning the reservoir with warm/hot soapy water. This should be done on a monthly basis to ensure there is no build-up of dry sanitiser in the tube or nozzle.

You should only use Sanitex sanitiser in the dispenser. Using other products will void the 1 year warranty.