Box of 1,000 Individual Sachets containing EITHER 4ml of 70% Hand Sanitiser Gel OR 70% Alcohol Wipes.


Both products come in individual satchels which allow for easy distribution to customers, employees, school children etc.


Alcohol wipes are great for wiping down desktops, steering wheels, phones and other hard surfaces after use.


4ml Hand Sanitiser Gels are also 70% alcohol and are a great option to carry in bags/pockets and to hand out for use during the day.  An alternative to transporting hand sanitiser bottles with you which can often be heavy or impracticable (For example on school excursions or business meetings at client sites or for outdoor workers such as construction, tradesman, police, council workers etc).


FREE SHIPPING with each box. 

Individual Sachets containing EITHER Alcohol Towelettes OR 4ml Hand Sanitiser